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It’s Pitt Week, Come Tailgate With Us

This weekend we take on the Pitt Panthers in Happy Valley.  Alumni, Ed Wilson, has very kindly invited all AKL alumni to his tailgate prior to the game.  Ed’s tailgate can be found in the BJC parking lot.  Don’t miss your chance to attend the famous tailgate that has been featured on the Food Network TWICE!  The active brothers will be there as well to talk to all alumni.  We look forward to seeing you there!

o LOTS OPEN 8 AM, Wilsons will be there BY HOPEFULLY 8:30 – this game is going to be the big test of the new system.


ONE WAY ONLY all roads to Stadium for 4 HRS and for 90 Minutes post game in opposite direction.  (unless you are a bus, of course). So unless we wanted to get up at 4 am to bake stuff and head to stadium at 6:30- we can’t be sure how long getting to our spots will take.

o  TEAM ARRIVAL TIME 9:30 AM– corner of PORTER and CURTIN. ARGH- we will have to line up by at least 9.  Help Sue hold a game banner on the corner!

o 10:45 SUE’S BUTTON TRIVIA and GAME TOAST at our tailgate, After Team Buses unload and team enters stadium

o 11:00 TAILGATE CLOSES, and picked up so we can get to the North Gates and to our seats. It is very helpful if you move away from our van, tables and or tent so we can expedite the process. We have specific helpers, no other help needed. 

o NOON KICK OFF  – no post game tailgate. We do not typically tailgate post game, except to stand around and chat for a few minutes and wait for the traffic jam to go.


NOTE: Phone Charging stations are in Bryce Jordan, or at Beaver Stadium by Gates A, B or C (by the ADA Station, or by Customer Service Kiosks Gates, B, C and E. Please reach out to our current president Krishnam @ kvz5100@psu.edu or (717) 731-2856