Greek Involvement

Intramural Sports

One of the great aspects of being a brother is being able to participate in Intramural Sports with other members of Penn State Greek life. As a brotherhood, we actively participate in several IM sports available on a seasonal basis. Some of the most popular sports that we sign up for on a seasonal basis are football, soccer, volleyball, and softball.

During the off seasons, we go to West Soccer fields and play pick up soccer or football with other fraternities as a way to practice for the actual IM season. We compete against all other fraternities at Penn State in numerous sports. Competing with other fraternities is a way to build relationships among other members of the Greek community, an important component in Penn State Greek Life’s effort to achieve a strong sense of community among its members.

As a fraternity we take pride in our competitiveness as much as our good sportsmanship, even if we end up taking a loss. We believe that having an active brotherhood that participates in IM Sports is a great way to show our character as a fraternal organization. No matter what the season, our active brothers are always looking to play and try out new sports and to compete with fellow members of the Greek Community.